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Charlotte de Roon, MSc
President Promovendi Netwerk Nederland: 
"The meeting that Promovendis organizes between PhD students and the business community strengthens the societal value of PhD students.”.

Promovendis is a recently launched initiative.
Promovendis brings young scientists and practitioners in contact with each other.

You present and discuss your research at a company or organization for a small group of employees. Scientists and practitioners literally sit down at the table together, with optimal interaction. A presentation for a larger group is also possible.
Promovendis makes the match between the young researcher and a company/organization through search and from its own database. Therefore, we like to meet with enthusiastic PhD candidates, from every field. For PhD candidates, this exclusive knowledge meeting offers several opportunities that may be of value for the follow-up to their research and career development.

We look for PhD candidates who:
• Would like to present their research to a smaller or larger group (or both)
• Would like to talk about their research with people from the business community
• Are in the final or penultimate year of their PhD research

We offer PhD candidates:
• The opportunity to present and discuss their research in a company or organization
• Feedback from the field
• Contribution to valorization
• 'Exposure' and network expansion
• The possibility of emerging as a potential employee
• Appropriate compensation.

If the opportunities offered by Promovendis have sparked your interest, we cordially invite you to contact us. This can be done by completing the registration form on our website via the 'contact' page. We will contact you after we have received your form. Registration is free of charge.

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Promovendis searches upon request and may actively approach businesses and organizations to alert them to interesting PhD research projects. The personal details of the researcher are not provided. Once a company or organization expresses interest in the research and would like to meet the researcher, Promovendis consults with the researcher. Promovendis introduces the researcher to the company or organization if the researcher is interested in discussing the topic at that company or organization. Promovendis is dedicated to making the best possible match so that both parties optimally benefit from the meeting.



"The opportunity to talk to an audience from the practical world encouraged me to think more about the impact of my research outside academia. It led to good discussions that brought me another step further in placing my research in a broader context and in the social arena, beyond the scientific community. It was very valuable!"
Anne Kok, PhD candidate V.U.

“It was a great experience to share my research and passion with a totally different audience than usual. It was very exciting and instructive to reflect on and discuss the practical implications of my study with the audience.”
Trudy Voortman, PhD candidate EUR

"Promovendis bridges the gap between the scientific 'How does it work?' and the practical 'What can be done with it?'.”
Wouter Smit, PhD candidate EUR

“The translation of my research to a wide and varied audience was an extremely nice and rewarding experience, and it was wonderful to see how Promovendis was so closely involved in the process.”
Annemarie van Oosten, PhD UvA

‘It was very inspiring to be able to share my experiences as a PhD student with the visitors of the BCF Career Event.’
Esther Peters, PhD candidate Radboudumc

"The lunch was a delightful, informal way to present my research in an entirely different setting. Nice questions, good ambiance and above all, a delicious lunch!"
Monique Tabak, PhD UTwente

National PhD Day 2016

National PhD Day, october 29, 2016. With Rolf van Wegberg, President of Promovendi Netwerk Nederland

Advisory Board

Promovendis is pleased to announce a new member of the Advisory Board: Rolf van Wegberg, President Promovendi Netwerk Nederland.
He is the successor of Charlotte de Roon, whom we are grateful for her involvement and valuable advices.
august, 2016

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