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Our speakers are young academics.

Promovendis is a new speakers agency. Our speakers are PhD candidates and postdocs: highly motivated, young researchers and professionals from the academic world. 
Interesting and innovative research is being done in the Netherlands in just about every field. This research can be shared. The knowledge presented by a PhD candidate stimulates discussion and brainstorming. Consider the following  situations:

A PhD candidate adds value to your knowledge meeting:
-You are looking for a speaker for your event:  a young talent who can present surprising new knowledge.
-You are confronted with a topic with many facets, a topic that has generated a lot of internal discussion. You want to make the right decisions. A young researcher presents specific knowledge and background in that area.
-Your business has interfaces with other disciplines. These disciplines are undergoing exciting developments. You want to be informed to keep the scope as broad as possible. A young academic provides you with state-of-the-art research.

Promovendis searches for studies and researchers that meet your needs and interests. It is about knowledge that inspires.

From inspiration to idea to innovation. That is Promovendis



“For our National Youth Day, we had two inspiring workshops given by Wouter Smit and Maarten van Leeuwen. The young PhD candidates fit well with our target group (young professionals). All in all it was very enjoyable and instructive to look at practical matters in our organisation from a scientific perspective!”

Robert Jonker, BDO Accountants & belastingadviseurs B.V.

“There is no lack of information within the business community, but the knowledge on which this information is based is not always accessible. Promovendi has a wealth of knowledge that can substantially enrich the business community.”

Ingrid van de Stadt, MSc, Regional Marketing Director, Elsevier B.V.
Member of the Advisory Board of Promovendis




National PhD Day 2016

National PhD Day, october 29, 2016. With Rolf van Wegberg, President of Promovendi Netwerk Nederland

Advisory Board

Promovendis is pleased to announce a new member of the Advisory Board: Rolf van Wegberg, President Promovendi Netwerk Nederland.
He is the successor of Charlotte de Roon, whom we are grateful for her involvement and valuable advices.
august, 2016

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